upcoming projects - CHRISTMAS 2019

​Plans are well under way for our next big project - CHRISTMAS 2019.

We have requests totaling just over 1500 FREE Smile Gifts for vulnerable women in the UK and another 40 Smile Gifts for widows in Nigeria. It will be our biggest project yet but we welcome the challenge and we hope that you can be a part of it. 

Our 2018 gift was a unique one - a journal, purposefully created by our founder, Amanda. This journal was very well received and the feedback has been amazing. For 2019, we are planning on giving much needed essentials - toiletries. Our aim with Smile Gifts is to meet the needs of vulnerable women and place value and dignity in them.

We are also going to do our Christmas Babies Smile Gifts - This project is focused on giving gifts to the babies in one of the UK Prisons.

Can you donate to this project? Will you be a part of making a woman SMILE this Christmas? Please click on the button above. We need your support. Thank YOU!


In the last few years, we have had an incredible journey with Smile Gifts. From gifting 100 free gifts in 2014 to now 1900+ in 2018. We are so thankful for the success this project has had and the lives it has changed.


2014 - We gave 140 FREE GIFTS to vulnerable women in Kent, Pakistan and Nigeria

2015 - We gave 623 FREE GIFTS to vulnerable women in Kent and Nigeria

2016 -  We gave 730 FREE GIFTS to vulnerable women in Kent, Bournemouth and Nigeria

2017 -  We gave 997 FREE GIFTS to vulnerable women in Kent, Bournemouth and Nigeria

2018 - We gave 400 FREE GIFTS during Easter and are set to gave 1500 Christmas FREE GIFTS to vulnerable women in Kent, London, Bournemouth and Nigeria. We also launched our Christmas Babies project where we gave free gifts to all the babies in a UK Prison.


Would you like to see your project featured here? Contact Us if you are an organisation that deals with women and would like to partner with us to give Smile Gifts to the women you work with. Or you can Refer a Smile Gift for anytime of the year

       smile Gifts - a gift is a beautiful thing

SMILE GIFTS is our free gift giving service for vulnerable women. We know that a gift is any woman's best friend, but there are many women who do not receive any gifts even on special occasions. In addition, there are many women who, due to unfortunate circumstances, cannot afford to treat themselves.

With Smile Gifts our aim is simply to bring hope and joy to these precious vulnerable women who reside in shelters, refuges, prisons and those that are homeless.

This free gifting service is at the core of everything we do at 'Empower A Woman'. It is our unique purpose; it is who we are! We believe that when we give a woman a reason to smile, it gives her a reason to keep going, to keep trying and to want to be her best self. A simple gift can be the catalyst that sparks a change in a woman's life.

Here at Empower A Woman, we want to make a difference in the lives of these vulnerable women and give them a gift to make them SMILE. We partner with various organisations that work with vulnerable women to provide SMILE GIFTS for celebrated seasons like Christmas, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Easter  and Birthdays too.

 "I imagined a world where vulnerable women were given a reason to smile and so I created it"  Amanda Bedzrah

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